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Fowler's Toad

Anaxyrus fowleri

Photo by Lisa Powers

Description: Fowler's toads (Anxyrus fowleri) are 2-3 inches long. Their coloration varies from shades of gray or brown to brick red. They do not have any spotting on the chest, and have 3 or more warts per spot. The cranial crests butt up against the parotoid glands.

Habitat: They can be found in a variety of habitats from backyard gardens to upland forests.

Life History: Females lay strings of 7000 - 10,000 eggs attached to vegetation in shallow ponds . The tadpoles hatch in 5 - 7 days. They are small and dark, often attach themselves to underwater vegetation and swim in dense groups. Metamorphosis of tadpoles takes about 30 - 40 days and maturity is reached by two years of age.

Range: They are found statewide

Additional Notes:

Behavior: They are active mostly at night.

Subspecies Occurring in Tennessee:


Distribution of the Fowler's Toad in Tennessee

Map by Susan Marden, TWRA, GIS Lab

Photo by Lisa Powers

Photo by Lisa Powers

Photo by Lisa Powers












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