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Mountain Chorus Frog

Pseudacris brachyphona

Photo by Lisa Powers

Description: Mountain chorus frogs (Pseudacris brachyphona) are 1 - 1.25 inches long. They are brown, gray, or olive with a dark triangle between the eyes, a light line on the upper lip, yellow on the concealed surfaces of the hind legs, and two stripes in the form of reverse parenthesis on the back.

Habitat: They are found in wet meadows, moist hardwood forests, or swampy bottomlands.

Life History: Females lay eggs in groups of 10 - 50, laying as many as 400 eggs. Egg masses are attached to vegetation in ditches or pools. Metamorphosis of tadpoles takes about 2 months.

Range: They are found in the upland woods of hills and mountains of the Cumberland Plateau, Cumberland Mountains, and the extreme northeast and southeast of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Photo by Lisa Powers




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